project description

Project funded by the Tuscany Region as part of the POR CReO FESR 2014-2020 program, aimed to create a robotic ecosystem for the monitoring and sustainable management of agricultural crops. Starting from the case studies of vines and vegetables, the project aims to solve some problems that affect food safety and environmental protection.
The robotic ecosystem will consist of a land mobile unit (AgroBot), a soil monitoring unit (Plantoid), a flying unit (FlyBot) and a sideline service unit (AncillaryBot). The data collected by SMASH thanks to a sophisticated sensor apparatus will be transmitted to a cloud platform and processed with statistical and chemometric tools, while the communication of information to end users will make use of simple tools such as smartphones and tablets.
Kode Chemoinformatics has been partner of the project, working on the analysis of the data from the sensors and the development of data mining and analysis algorithms.

2018 - 2020
EDI Progetti e Sviluppo, Yanmar R&D Europe, Copernico, DORIAN, AvMap, Kode Chemoinformatics, BASE, Giuntini Dott. Filippo, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IBR-SSSA, DAGRI - UNIFI