VEGA is an open-source application that makes available a wide set of QSAR models predicting several end-points: toxicological, eco-toxicological, environmental and physical-chemical properties. For several end-points, more than one model is available – being each model developed with different approaches and training sets – making it possible to enhance predictions with a consensus approach.

VEGA has been conceived and developed within a scientific network led by the “Mario Negri” Institute for Pharmacological Research (Italy), funded within the framework of different European projects.

VEGA is mentioned in the guidelines for REACH registration of chemicals, cosmetic and food ingredients assessment, as one of the in-silico tools that can be used to avoid in-vivo testing.

VEGA is distributed under an open source license thanks to EU public fundings and it is freely downloadable from its official website.

Software Type
Standalone application with Graphical User Interface
It works on all Operative Systems supporting Java (version 8 required)
Open source (LGPL v3)
How to get it
Free download from VEGA website