Want to make your analytical routines easier? Kodemetrics is the tool that enables exploratory and predictive statistical analysis and experimental design generation (DoE) without the need to know a specific programming language.

Programming languages are now essential for carrying out advanced experimental designs and analyses, but are often an entry barrier, becoming a significant waste of time for many domain experts. Kodemetrics helps researchers skip this barrier and focus on the research aspects of their studies.

Thanks to our experience in the chemometrics and research field, we have a clear understanding of experimentation needs and processes in labs. Indeed, we epitomized the most useful techniques of data analysis into a user-friendly tool, allowing users (whether they are students, researchers, labs or industrial R&D departments) to easily explore their experimental data. The selection of all the parameters required for each step of the analysis is guided in Kodemetrics through a simple graphical interface.

  • Tabular visualization, preprocessing and missing values management
  • Exploratory analysis (Principal Component Analysis)
  • Predictive Analysis (Linear models, PLS-R/PLS-DA, Regression Models, Models for Mixtures)
  • Design of Experiments – DoE
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making – MCDM

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