ToxRead is a standalone application (developed in Java) that helps the expert in performing a read-across analysis. It has ben developed inside a project led by Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, and is freely available.

ToxRead performs a read-across analysis (currently for mugenesis and BCF end points): it checks a given compound, and provides a graphical representation where all the found structural alerts and rules for the desired activity are reported, and extracts from its database the most similar molecules having experimental data. It arranges the found similar molecules on the basis of the shared alerts and rules, thus providing the expert an interactive tool for studying the target compound and performing a solid read-across analysis.

ToxRead is distributed under an open source license and it is freely downloadable from its official website.

Software Type
Standalone application
It works on all system supporting Java. Java version 7 or higher required
Open source (LGPL v3)
How To Get It
Free download (registration required) from Toxread website