Kode announces its merger with Kode Chemoinformatics


Kode, creators of AI based products and solutions for over 10 years, unifies its two souls in one, by merging with Kode Chemoinformatics. Since, in Kode’s vision, sharing competences is the key for AI useful solutions, this step led to a new company organisation that will guarantee the identification of advanced solutions for its clients.

Hence, Kode is structured now in three business units, each focused on a different theme and area of interest for our clients, that will cooperate in modular project teams: chemoinformatics (with a specific focus on biological properties, environmental impact and activities of chemicals), industry 4.0 solutions, focused on industrial processes digitalization and analysis, and delivery management and geospatial analysis.

Thanks to this merger, Kode realises its corporate vision: facing complex, multifaceted challenges with a multidisciplinary team, able to cooperate on compounded projects to generate effective and easy-to-use solutions.

“It has been clear for years now – declares Marco Calderisi, CEO of Kode – that the majority of our client’s needs cannot be split by rigid thematic or disciplinary boundaries. Thanks to this merger, we can finally fully exploit the integration of our team’s skills and competences for our clients in the chemo, food, pharma and beauty field”.

For further information on Kode’s wide offer, visit the company website